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Designed to eliminate odors and second hand smoke from Marijuana products

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Choosing the Best Air Purifier to Get Rid of Weed Smoke

So, you’ve just smoked a joint and your house smells like weed. And not in the good way. You would really like to get rid of that smell before your parents or guests come over for Thanksgiving dinner but you don’t know how? There are many air purifiers on the market that claim they can completely eradicate any odor from smoke, but which one is best for weed?

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How To Remove Weed Smell

You're home enjoying your favorite strain when suddenly you get a phone call from your parents that they're coming over and bringing dinner! Immediately, take deep breaths. Remember the air purifier you purchased last week? It's time to put what it was made for use! Learn how to remove weed smell from your home with these tricks of the trade

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WeDANK 5000 Air Purifier


The Activated Oxygen mode (“O” Mode) on the WeDank 5000 Air Purifier is specifically designed to remove odors and particulates in the air from your green smoking session leaving fresh and clean air.

  • MULTI-STEP DETECTION SYSTEM – Diagnostic, Filtration, and Purification system includes a high-performance multi-speed fan that works quietly and efficiently in your home or office.
  • MONITOR AIR QUALITY LEVELS – With our ColorRing™ Technology, we make it easy to see the air quality and performance of your new air purifier.
  • HEPA & ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER – An easy to remove filter that features a High-Performance HEPA filter that is 99.97% effective in capturing and removing harmful airborne particles as small as .3 microns. Additionally, it features activated carbon that’s effective in removing and absorbing odors and gases including marijuana smoke and VOC gases.
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5”x8.5”x13" (LxWxH)

Effective coverage up to 180 sq. ft.

Owner’s Manual and Filter Included
Not currently available for shipping to California

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