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WeDANK 5000 Air Purifier Reviews- Destroy that Weed Smell 

WeDANK Reviews

Hear directly from your fellow smokers on how they can now choose if they want to share their love for that green plant or stay a closet smoker. 

Remove that Weed Smell with another one of our Closet Smokers favorite new "Secret Weapon" the WeDANK 5000 Air Purifier. Yes, you no longer have to hide outside smoking in the rain or having to search and find that perfect smoking spot in the building that no one but you knows about. You can finally enjoy your legal, from mother earth, green plant.

Our Closet Smokers favorite new "Secret Weapon"


The Proof it Works

Remove that WEED SMELL and replace it with the smell of "rain." Check out what one of our early adopters says about this new Air Purifier. Does it totally remove the smell, or just a little bit? Watch the video and find out for yourself.

The WeDANK Song

Remember No Stank with WeDANK

True HEPA Filter

A Real True Hepa filter. Don't just combate weed smell, but also get the benefits of a True HEPA and Carbon Filter

Sleep Mode

Need a quiet and effective air purifier? Just use the Sleep Mode when you're ready to doze off for the night 

Air Quality Sensor

How bad is your air? Use the built-in air sensor to automatically control the filtration settings. 

WeDank 5000 Air Purifier

How Does the WeDANK Air Purifier Really Work?

If you haven't already watched the video reviews from above check them out. The WeDANK 5000 Air Purifier simply works. Plug it in and hit that "O" Mode button and enjoy the weed smell freedom.

  • Calibrated Activated Oxygen - Becomes airborne and seeks out that "Dank" smoke and neutralizes that smell.  
  • HEPA Filtration - The High-Efficiency Particulate filter is designed to capture and filter over 99% of airborne particles from that "Green" smoke. 
  • Foam Carbon Filtration - After the HEPA filtration there is an additional Carbon Filtration and Trapping layer. This layer is an added smell protection for any of the particles that get trapped inside the filter. 
  • Filter Life Indicator - Very simple but effective filter life indicator. 
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000

WEdank 5000


The Activated Oxygen mode (“O” Mode) on the WeDank 5000 Air Purifier is specifically designed to remove odors and particulates in the air from your green smoking session leaving fresh and clean air.

  • MULTI-STEP DETECTION SYSTEM – Diagnostic, Filtration, and Purification system includes a high-performance multi-speed fan that works quietly and efficiently in your home or office.
  • MONITOR AIR QUALITY LEVELS – With our ColorRing™ Technology, we make it easy to see the air quality and performance of your new air purifier.
  • HEPA & ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER – An easy to remove filter that features a High-Performance HEPA filter that is 99.97% effective in capturing and removing harmful airborne particles as small as .3 microns. Additionally, it features activated carbon that’s effective in removing and absorbing odors and gases including marijuana smoke and VOC gases.
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5”x8.5”x13" (LxWxH)

Effective coverage up to 180 sq. ft.

Owner’s Manual and Filter Included
Not currently available for shipping to California

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