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You're home enjoying your favorite strain, then suddenly you get a phone call from your parents that they're coming over and bringing dinner!

What do you do?

First off, don't panic. Remember that air purifier your bought a week ago? Now's the perfect time to use it! Learn how to remove weed smell from your home.

It doesn't matter if you spray some air freshener, throw open the window or run a fan. You’ve been unable to remove that distinct odor of weed coming from your room. You’ve burned incense, diffused essential oils and even tried half a dozen surefire internet cures that well, were not so surefire.

A few helped a little, but truthfully? You are only masking that smell temporarily and it’s going to come back, maybe even mixed with a chemical smell from your bottle of spray. Like most strong odors, the scent molecules sink into the carpet, fabrics, walls and any wood or paper. What you need to get rid of that weed smell is not something that will cover it up, but remove it.

What’s going to remove the smell of weed?

Activated oxygen, also known as ozone, is a proven method for completely eliminating all smells, especially those that are known to be difficult to get rid of, like weed. Ozone is an unstable molecule that actually destroys the odors it comes into contact with as it destabilizes, including the marijuana smell that you are trying to eliminate.

Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen, versus the two that we normally breathe in. It’s that third atom of oxygen that creates the activated oxygen. Naturally occurring in nature, ozone has been around since the beginning of time. It is created when an electric charge hits oxygen molecule, ripping them apart and scattering them. Those atoms reconnect, but instead of containing two molecules like a normal oxygen molecule, they contain three for a short while.

If you’ve ever smelled the air after a storm, the reason it smells different is because of the ozone in it. The lightning in the storm charged and activated the oxygen in the air.

How does activated oxygen work? How is it better than an air freshener?

An air freshener, while it might temporarily make your room smell like flowers or clean linen, doesn’t work for one very simple reason. Imagine a dumpster full of rotting, stinking garbage. What happens when you spray it with air freshener? The smell gets better, but the problem, that rotting, stinking garbage, is still there, lurking under the spray. The spray only hides the issue, it doesn’t attack the problem the way that activated oxygen does.

By contrast, when activated oxygen is created by an air purifier for marijana smell, that third atom of oxygen attaches to the odor molecule, thereby changing the odor molecule into a different compound. This effectively makes the odor molecule no longer exist. It’s like a little anti stink device, and in this case, aimed right at helping you cover up that smell you don’t want.

In addition to the weed or stinking garbage, activated oxygen can get rid of any other unpleasant smell lurking in your residence. From cigarette smoke, paint, smelly kitchen odors, or chemical smells, nothing’s a match for the power of activated oxygen, not even your most pungent weed.

Your best choice in removing weed smell

WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000
WEdank 5000

WEdank 5000


The Activated Oxygen mode (“O” Mode) on the WeDank 5000 Air Purifier is specifically designed to remove odors and particulates in the air from your green smoking session leaving fresh and clean air.

  • MULTI-STEP DETECTION SYSTEM – Diagnostic, Filtration, and Purification system includes a high-performance multi-speed fan that works quietly and efficiently in your home or office.
  • MONITOR AIR QUALITY LEVELS – With our ColorRing™ Technology, we make it easy to see the air quality and performance of your new air purifier.
  • HEPA & ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER – An easy to remove filter that features a High-Performance HEPA filter that is 99.97% effective in capturing and removing harmful airborne particles as small as .3 microns. Additionally, it features activated carbon that’s effective in removing and absorbing odors and gases including marijuana smoke and VOC gases.
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5”x8.5”x13" (LxWxH)

Effective coverage up to 180 sq. ft.

Owner’s Manual and Filter Included
Not currently available for shipping to California

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    Whisper Quiet

    Activated Oxygen

    30-Day Home Trial

    HEPA + Carbon Filter
    Filters out particles up to .03 microns small. Meaning you get clean air during your smoke sessions

    Whisper Quiet
    Use for discrete air filtering when you need peace and quiet.

    Activated Oxygen
    Combat odors on a molecular level. Activated Oxygen, also known as Ozone, destabilizes odor molecule, effectively eliminating the odor.

    Air Quality Indicator
    See what your air looks like with 4 distinct color ranges.

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