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Choosing the Best Air Purifier to Get Rid of Weed Smoke

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Which Air Purifiers Are Best for Weed Smoke?

As marijuana legalization continues to expand throughout the United States, pot smokers across the country feel more and more free to enjoy their cannabis when and where they’d like. For many, that’s a reason to rejoice. For others, such as landlords and non-smokers, it’s become quite a problem.

Even if you’re not a homeowner, you should be wary of allowing your living space to become pervaded by smoke of any kind, as there are a great deal of pollutants in all forms of smoke, including weed smoke.

Of course, if you’re a pot smoker who has finally been set free from the paranoia of enjoying your hobby illegally, you’re probably looking for any way you can to smoke in the comfort of your own living space, anyway. So what are the most efficient ways to remove the smell and the toxins that result from smoking weed in an indoor space?

There are a number of air purifier brands on the market that claim to do the job, but not all of them are cut out for the unique task of maintaining good air quality in an indoor space that is regularly filled with marijuana smoke. Let’s take a look at some popular products and the technology behind them in order to determine which device is best equipped to keep the air in your living space clean and clear in spite of your continual celebration of legalization.

The Negative Health Effects of Weed Smoke

Before we start talking about which air purifier you should choose, let’s take an honest look at exactly why you might want to buy one for your home in the first place. It’s an unfortunate truth that, although marijuana has various proven medical benefits, the smoke from it does indeed pose a number of health hazards. It’s best to be aware of these before lighting up at home.

Our lungs (quite amazingly) evolved to take oxygen from the air—not smoke from burning matter—and transfer it into our bloodstreams. That fact alone bears out that there are some negative side effects of smoking pot and allowing its smoke to linger in an enclosed living space.

Just like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke contains carcinogens (i.e. potentially cancer-causing agents). According to the American Lung Association, the specific types of toxins and carcinogens in marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke are actually similar.

Of course, legalization makes it so people of legal age are able to weigh the risks of smoking marijuana and arrive at their own decisions. However, when smoking in an indoor space, you may be taking that decision away from those who spend time in that same space. Secondhand smoke contains a large number of the toxins and carcinogens mentioned above in comparable or even greater amounts. There is also no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Even if you’re exposed to secondhand smoke on a short-term basis, it can still potentially increase the risk of health issues.

So if you’re a frequent pot smoker and you don’t make an effort to maintain the air quality in your home, you place others at risk of secondhand smoke as well as yourself.

Air Purifier Technology for Marijuana Smoke

Particles from marijuana smoke and VOCs are your main enemies. While many air purifiers are effective at removing odors and making the air seem cleaner, not all of them are actually capable of handling pollutants. The ability to remove these harmful substances from your living space should be what guides your research and, ultimately, your decision on which device to buy.

Here are the types of air purifier devices available to you. We get to the bottom of how they work and how effective they are at tackling air pollution (weed smoke, in particular).

ozone generators

Ozone generators are a type of air purifier that create the chemical ozone in order to remove gases from your air space. Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms. It exists naturally in both the upper and lower layers of earth’s atmosphere and absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth from the sun.

Although it may be effective in protecting our planet, ozone can actually be harmful when inhaled by humans. It doesn’t take much for ozone to affect your ability to breathe properly. Of course, this has short-term and long-term consequences.

What’s more, ozone generators are not effective at eliminating the particulate and VOCs existent in marijuana smoke. They can remove the odor of weed smoke, but nothing more.


Ionizers release negatively charged ions into the air. These ions attract airborne particles (i.e. they stick together). As soon as enough pollutant particles have stuck together, they become too dense to stay in the air and drop to the floor. (They’re safe there until the next time you vacuum.)

This device is effective at removing marijuana smoke odor and particulates from the air, but it does not remove gaseous VOCs. It also produces ozone, which, as previously stated, can cause respiratory issues rather quickly.

Ionizers are more effective than ozone generators at removing weed smoke, but they are still limited in their capabilities.

carbon filters

These air purifiers work to remove pollutants from your living space through a process known as adsorption. In adsorption, a solid (in this case carbon) collects molecules of a liquid, gas, or solution.

Carbon filters are successful at removing odors and VOCs from the air, but they do not remove particulates. The filters also need to be changed regularly, or else the collected toxins will find their way back into your living space.

hepa filters

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the most effective air purifier for removing particulate matter from your living space. They are capable of removing a vast amount of very small particles from the air. However, they are unable to remove any odors or gaseous VOCs.

Also, similar to carbon filters, HEPA filters should be switched out regularly. 


The best air purifier for weed smoke is one that can remove the odor and also get rid of any other harmful particles in the air. Ozone (activated oxygen) generators, ionizers, carbon filters, and HEPA filters are often combined to create a powerful punch against those pesky weed smells you may have lingering around your house or office space. The only way to combat weed odor with an air purifier is by using activated oxygen (ozone) and carbon filters in conjunction with HEPA Filters. These three technologies work together like Voltron against weed smoke odors!

Looking for an effective way to eliminate that marijuana smell from your home without spending too much money on devices with similar functions, we recommend using activated oxygen (ozone) as well as carbon filters alongside a high-quality HEPA filter like the WEdank 5000. 

Wedank 5000

The Activated Oxygen mode on the WeDank 5000 is specifically designed to remove odors and particulates in the air from your green smoking session, leaving fresh and clean air.

The multi-step detection system monitors for quality of both water vapor content as well as if there are any unwanted contaminants like secondhand smoke or chemicals that may be present which can cause discomfort after inhalation. With a HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon Filter you'll know when it's time to replace them so you can continue enjoying all day long!

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